Monday, November 26, 2007

Trip to Nainital - Part 2

After having tea, we started from there at around 8:00 in the morning. That was a lovely morning...we were quite excited and fresh. There were no changes in the seating arrangement...inspite of the fact that some people wanted to ;)

Though we tried to keep both the cars close to each other, we lost the track of the other one...apparently they had taken some other route :). So another round of calling them up....finally they managed to reach us in about 15 min. We managed to convince them that our route is better...hehe

By now we all were hungry. So we stopped at a place we thought is good enough to have decent breakfast. Some of us ordered bread omelette and others butter toast, even chowmin was on the menu.. :) ....Yeah we were quite happy with our choices when we ordered but......I would be the last person to crib about things....but I've recently picked up this habit from someone ...and to my surprise I enjoy it ;) so let me go ahead and complain about the kind of food we had...
It was horrible....even that would be an understatement...:)... All burnt toast, with half cooked omelette, and no butter... Somehow we managed to gulp it to fill our tummies. And the bill! it was even more than what we paid last night for our dinner....Oh didn't tell u about the dinner experience na in the last post? That was a road side dhaba :)

Hey but where is our 'Driver' Avijit? Avijit, please don't mind if you come across this blog ever and read it ;) were one the most interesting person in the trip, believe me! He was busy cleaning his car, that is one thing he would not miss, ever. ;)

Here we go.....Now no stopping before the destination..we decided.

The weather that day was really good. I always enjoy journey more than the destination. The music, the road, the surroundings and the companions...everything was just perfect. :)

We stopped at 2 places on the way... though we decided not to... hehe
- First was the cool calm place with lots of greenery around, I think we were somewhere near to the Corbett. At least that is what was told to me.

We preferred walking that stretch rather than driving.

- Second was the place near to Nainital. We were hungry by then so thought of stopping there. It was a nice place with a waterfall and some tea stalls....We had hot tea, omelette, and some pakoras...and clicked lots of pictures.

The other car started before ours. We preferred to stay there for little more time and enjoy the ambiance. Cool breeze, Fog all around, and Light was amazing!!!

Nainital was hardly a few kilometers away now.

We managed to reach at around 3.00pm. :) Wow what a place...awesome!!!

As the trip was not a planned one...we had to look for a place to stay. Two of the "most experienced" people Anirban and Agni, decided to go for the hotel hunt. The newly wed couple decided to roam around the market and shop. Avijit, Baby and I decided to stay back near the car and enjoy the lake side view. And Agni's friend, we call him 'stock market', why I'll tell you later....he was nowhere to be found...;)

For some time we waited outside the car....I mean around an hour, and then decided to sit since it was quite tiring. And u know what, in another 10 minutes we realized that all of us were fast asleep, in the car parked in the middle of the market....always sleeping at the wrong place and the wrong time ;)...The wait was really looong. Our mates came after around 2 hrs with such an excitement as if they have conquered the world. Lets see what have they found...

We got down with our luggage at a place not very far from the market and cars went to the parking. We started walking, climbing the stairs with our luggage, walking, climbing the stairs, walking, climbing the stairs....walking, climbing stairs...oh god where are we was as if we are trekking a hill!
Finally we were there. 4 big rooms with nice spacious balcony and a wonderful view of the lake.

So all the "mehnat" was worth it.

Now is the time to relax or to have some food and chat or to go around or to go boating...i mean all these were the options on our minds. Finally, we decided to take hot bath, have something and then go around the place to explore the options for the next 2 days of stay. :)

I never thought that I would be able to write so much about the trip....Its the third part and we have just managed to reach Nainital. But as I said earlier, journey is always better than the destination!


Novice said...

Nice pics...Makes me feel like going to Nainital again :)

sonia said...

what can I say? one,I didn't know you could write so well and you are actually making your readers imagine everything. :)
I have never been to Nainital and to read about it makes me want to go there.. sigh!!! surely, some time..
please keep blogging., love to read your travel experiences... :)

Puneet Sood said...

nice trips and nice guys and gals, nice place,nice time