Friday, December 7, 2007

Trip to Nainital - Concluding

We explored the area that evening and got to know that there are many places we can visit the next 2 days. There are places like bhim taal, naukuchia taal, Sat taal, Kausani, Ranikhet, Almora and so many more. As usual again a discussion time... so many places to visit? After much discussion, came up with the idea of not visiting many places but to enjoy the near by areas. Had to keep something for next time as well na...hehe.

Also managed to find a good Bengali restaurant. Let me tell you a typical thing about Bengali people....I am Bengali by marriage... Whichever part of the country they are in, they will find 'Bengali food' and they... or shall I say we... love Bengali food.

Next morning after getting fresh and having yummy Aaloo Paranthas, we started for Bhimtaal and Sattaal. Nice roads, Gulzar songs, wonderful view... enjoyed the always. Bhimtaal was good.
Had hot 'Bhuttas' there.

It started raining the moment we reached Sat taal. Wooowww...thats what we wanted. Now who all want to get wet with me..;)...all...great! Decided to boat in the rain, have u ever tried....its awesome.

Also spoke to people around, and planned to come on a full moon night the next time :).

Lunch time! Had some rajmah chawal...most of people didn't enjoy it though.

Started our journey back. The best part of having your own vehicle is that you can stop wherever you want to.

So while going back to Nainitaal we halted at 4 places....not for food or tea but just to enjoy the view and the weather.

Good that we came in rainy - because its off season so no high rates and lot of people and two - just drive a stretch with good view, nice music and fog around...You would know :)

Reached back at around 6.00pm in the evening. Everyone, except Anirban and I, decided to go back to hotel and rest for a while. And we decided to go and have some Chinese food ... Anirban's favorite! Had nice chicken momos....not me...I am vegetarian...Thats the tragedy of our life, Ani's pukka non veg and I do not eat non veg. :(

Now is the party time! Elaborate meal, some drinks, loud music and masti. Had a blast that night... :)

Early around 6.00am I heard someone outside. And to my surprise, it was 'maalish wala'.... Anyways didn't get the malish (massage) done but me and Anirban got up to enjoy the view outside.

Everyone, except Avijit, was still sleeping.... Now where is Avijit? You should be able to thing he really enjoy doing. his car... :)

Decided to go the same day afternoon. Check out was at 10.00am, so decided to have breakfast in the Bengali restaurant I mentioned earlier. We all packed up and started climbing up to the parking with our luggage. Up and up and up......ahhh finally we reached. Had 'Luchi Dum aloo' a typical Bengali breakfast.

Journey back was not as enjoyable, not because we were tired but because we took the different route and got stuck in a traffic jam for around 4 hours.... :( We were expecting to reach at 9.00pm but reached at 2.00am. We really enjoyed the drive on dark sleeping roads with soft music.... Gulzaar is great!!!


Anu said...

Good, nainital is always attractive to every one of course me too. But I must say you missed the nearby beautiful place barielly as you know my hometown. I hope whenever you plan again there you will bring it to my notice & i will have a privilege to welcome you in Bareilly.

Unknown said...

Very pictographic and er, well, i must say, photographic too!!