Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 :)

We decided to go to Agra on the first day of the year 2008. Though that plan of ours didn't materialize we had a great day!

Got a call from an old friend, Hemant. He recently shifted to Delhi with his family - wife, son and mother. We wanted to meet...either he comes to our place or we go to his place. We decided to go to his place, as none of us was in mood to cook ;) Met the family and got blessings from aunt, a good beginning of the year.

Then was visiting Aniban's friends. We went to Abhishek's place. A nice cosy room on the top floor. Its great to bask in the sun in winter days. Another friend of Anirban, Shivaji also came there. Had nice lunch and decided to explore Delhi.

Shivaji suggested a place which none of us had visited before. So here we go... It was near hauz Khas village.

Tomb of Khilji,
and DeerPark

Perfect place to spend the first day of the new year :) No doubt the place was awesome and the Sardar jokes of Shivaji added to the fun. Never knew we have such a beautiful place in the midst of Delhi...

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