Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My home town

This time I thought I would not write - Its just a visit to my home town. But yesterday one of the friends asked - "didn't see the update of your Himachal visit on your blog?" Hmm so people do look forward to my write ups... :-) So here's the post on my Himachal visit.

This one is the longest of all our trips till now. We have Friday and Monday attached to the weekend. For those who don't know where my home town is - its Palampur, in Himachal Pradesh. Awesome place, You will get to know that reading through this post. Started at 4pm as decided without any delays. We were 5 of us - Anirban, Agni, Dhanjoy, Kumkum and I. You already know Agni. Let me tell you a bit about Dhanajoy and Kumkum. Dhananjoy a good old friend of Anirban. Helpful in any kind of emergencies, love Anirban like a brother. But he does not socialize much and does not travel frequently as we and Agni do, due to which he has not got flexible and tough as we are...mmm I think I have not made myself quite clear...u'll get to know.. read on.. :)

The journey...
The journey was quite interesting. None of us knew the way. I know its my home town but never drove down myself, so how am I supposed to know the right and left turns.
Only thing I knew was the names of the places that come on the way. Till Chandigarh it was ok. We reached Chandigarh at around 10.30pm. Stayed with some distant relatives of mine, at night. And started at 7 in the morning. But don't ask me what happened after that. Since all of them have been teasing me for the fact I didn't know the way, I refused to tell them even the names of the places on the way. Let them find it out on their own. FYI Palampur is not that big a city that people would know the way. So asking the way to palampur directly wouldn't help. You need to know the places on the way. After Una we had to go to "Chintpurni", Ani and gang didn't remember the exact name of the place. So instead of Chintpurni they go and ask an elderly person how do we go to "Chintapuram"... I was a quiet observer... and enjoyed the moment fully...The expressions of the old man... hahaha...that was fun. I couldn't stop laughing. Reached Palampur at around 5pm, without much of my help...right Agni? That U turn was perfect ;)

Holi in Himachal...

The day we reached was Holi. There is the tradition of "Jhanki", tried a lot to get an appropriate English word for it but the exact feeling didn't come, the options I could think of were procession, fiesta, Carnival, Cavalcade and Convoy, thanks to Shuchi for helping. Language experts out there please suggest which is the nearest. So we all decided not to rest but to go out and be the part of celebrations. During the festival, locals come dressed in their best clothes and dance and sing joyously. They carry Gods dressed in finery, which are placed in colorful palanquins. It was fun more so because I was being a part of it after may be 15 years and others never saw it before, so was exciting for them, at least I would like to believe that :). After a tiring day of 9-10hrs of journey and the celebrations finally we got to rest at around 10pm. What a day it was!

Mera Ghar...

Morning...Good morning...we all woke up early to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, chilled air, sound of chirping birds and a beautiful sun rise.

Thats my Palampur :) After a stroll around..in the garden, and the railway track nearby had garma garam home made aaloo paranthas with aam ka aachar and Dahi...yummm. Then had a small meeting to decide where to go. This time I gave strict instruction to papa to take me to some place I have not seen before...tough for him I thought but he came up with so many places, thats why he is my favorite. Love you Papa.

Billing, a gliding site...

So we are going to Billing - Billing is a beautiful little place in Himachal, which is considered to be one of the best gliding sites in the world. Located at an altitude of 8, 500 feet in Kangra valley, Billing is famous for hang-gliding. On the way we visited a monastery as well. Would not write much about the place Pictures speak, will add a few more later :) It was awesome! Simply Divine! While going back it started raining. Wowwww...... :) Also visited my birth place Baijnath on the way back.

Next day first half was spent in a "khud" playing in water and after lunch we went to "Jakhni Mata". A small temple at the top of a hill. You can get beautiful view of Palampur and nearby villages from there. On the way back visited some old friends. I was treating all for Dinner as my B'day's approaching.
By the way Agni you should not have broken that "Drift Wood". I mean it ;)

Ohhh....we are going back the next day. Didn't even realize the visit's already over. We would be traveling the whole Monday. No break journey. Agni has accepted to drive the whole day, without breaks literally. This time he himself got the directions from papa, no help required from Shailza. So here we gooooooo................ooops....flat tyre. Just after an hour's journey got a flat tyre. The 3 men, is it?...mmm just one actually, worked hard to get it fixed. Stopped at one other place to have something, which was a samosa each.

Tomorrow is my B'day.
Reminded them all to get a surprise cake and gifts for me :) and they did! actually....reached home at 9pm. Had dinner and then party time at 12am....yay its my B'day!

Then Agni starts with full force...Dhananjoy wants him to stop for Lunch...he goes on...Kumkum wants him to stop to get fresh...he goes on...and he goes on and on and on....till its 5 in the evening :) Ani and me as usual quiet observers...flexible can adjust to any situation types. Finally he stops at a place, that apparently Dhanu and Kum kum didn't like.They refuse to take anything...we had burgers. Finally touched Delhi at 7.00pm what Agni anticipated when we started.

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Unknown said...

The trip to palampur was one of my best trip as fooding and lodging was free of cost( thanx to bhabhie).Really its a very nice place and the 12-14hrs journey is worth it.(God knows why himachal tourism is not promoting it??).The roads specially in the hills are so good that a car can take a U-TURN without any hassels as we did many times ..Throught the year the hills are covered with snow..The best part is that one will feel as if he is in his own house as the hospitality is so good..(specially if u r living alone in delhi for quite a long time)... UNCLE is very friendly and its great to have his company..So bhabhie plz do take me next time also..I enjoyed a lot and will love to go again and again..Missing the wood-drift, those U-TURNS, and the WONDERFUL and AWESOME place...PALAMPUR...