Monday, November 2, 2009

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the plan was to go to Okhla bird sanctuary. The time we decided was 5 am in the morning. All but one were game for it. Nabonita, the lazy one in the lot, wanted to start little late, but we had the majority, so started at 5am. Four of us me, Ani, Dipanjan and Nabonita had made this plan a night before while having coffee on the terrace. Alarms were set and batteries for cameras - A Nikon D 60 and a canon (not sure of the model) put on charging. All ready in jeans n tees n sneakers with cameras ready to shot birds, butterflies, insects and/ or whatever interesting we find on the way or on the spot.
Before reaching, we had some apprehensions about the place as never heard much about it, but all gone after reaching. It was a beautiful, peaceful place where only chirping of birds could be heard.
Sad part was the construction for Mayawati's park going on one side of it. I wonder how can we disturb a place like this for something so stupid.

Some facts about the place:

It is just behind the Kalindi Kunj on Delhi side and just across the main road between NOIDA and Mayur Vihar to the south of Noida Toll Bridge.
Over Three hundred species of birds can be spotted here. The spot is good for birding throughout the year, though best season is during September-March for Winter Migratory Birds.

Had a great time. Our heart fully satisfied but tummy empty. So thought of bothering a Journalist friend of Ani on the way, who might have slept at around 2am because of her odd shift timings. She has shifted recently to this flat of hers and we are going for the first time to her with 2 more guests whom she does not know at all.
Anyways, she greeted us with her beautiful smile inspite of us waking her up from sound sleep at around 7am on a Sunday morning. We were served nice breakfast – tea and poha (a different version though from what I knew till now) and it was really really tasty. Dont know if it was the taste or our grumbling tummies ;)
Thanks Pratigya for a warm welcome and a tasty breakfast!

And that's how we started our Sunday. The rest of the day was spent uploading pics on orkut and fb.


Unknown said...

cool trip ... would have loved to see route-maps and travel pics on this post :)

keep travelling

Shailza Sood Dasgupta said...

Thanks! Sure will do that :)

sonia said...

Looks like this trip was a short one. As usual, pleasure to read it, waiting to see the pics on FB. :)

Shailza Sood Dasgupta said...

Pics are already there on fb. Check the album - Sunday mornings.
It was some time back that we went there...wrote it now :)

Shivam Sharma said...

is it safe for 2 girls to go alone there?

Shailza Sood Dasgupta said...

@ Shivam - Can't say. I have never been there alone.

Khula aasmaan said...

can you please tell me how to reach Okhla bird sanctuary? especially if we take the metro or an auto.
Which is the nearest landmark.
Please reply as soon as you can. It will be of great help. :)

Shailza Sood Dasgupta said...

@Karinezkorner - Nearest metro station would be Sarita vihar (around 5kms). From there take an auto. Its near Kalindi Kunj.