Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013 - An year of Achievments

2013 seemed to get over so quickly. May be because it was so eventful.

Memories from 2013

  • Started the year with some jungle adventure - driving at night through thick forest full of wild animals at zero visibility and sub zero temperature near Nepal boarder and feeling the fear while leopard was hunting very near to us at Sathiana in Dudhwa... followed by some crazy chasing of pug marks of the "Royal Bengal Tiger"at Bandhavgarh
  • Road trip to Spiti with a heterogeneous set of people in June was a good learning experience.
  • Monsoons were great as ever.... celebrated rains with Elite friends at Siliserh and trekked up to Triund and experienced the most stunning landscapes from up above. 
  • Staying with tribals had always been my dream so a visit to Odisha villages was like dream come true. 
  • Closed the year with an awesome bunch of young ladies at Kangra. Flying in the air is something I always enjoy. It was fun jumping from a cliff at Billing (2290 mt). 
Some disappointments in first half of the year led to lots of brain-storming which in-turn led to some great achievements.
-Founded a new division of Chaloletsgo!  In July CLG Elite - an initiative to bring together people who have crossed the middle age and now want to live life their way who believe that the best is yet to come. Getting together, watching movies, traveling, singing along, indulging in hobbies like photography, painting, etc... that’s what we do. "Celebrating Life" is our motto.
- Released our first publication "PUSHKAR – the desert town" in Oct. here's the e-version
The second edition of our annual photography event in Pushkar "Rendezvous with Life" in November reached a new level. More than 1500 people from over 30 countries visited in this 4 day event. 

Met a whole lot of interesting people and added lots of memories!

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