Tuesday, April 1, 2014


In this genaration of solo-traveling, I feel proud to have travelled with Familiar strangers. I like to travel with strangers who connect to me for their love for travel and exploration. And in course of our journey, we not only explore the place but also make friends with some lovely people. FAMILIAR STRANGERS is what I call them. 

I get awestruck to look back and realize how many different familiar strangers I have made friends with in these couple of years. 
An ever-excited old retired scientist who never want to be called old, has lost his life partner when he needed her the most and now travels to steal some lively moments with co-travelers; a young loving couple who’s full of love and appreciation for each other and is traveling to understand life from each other’s perspective; a middle aged strong single lady who is self-dependent and living her life on her own terms for whom traveling is a part of life; an ambitious young man who draws inspiration from “himself-some-years-from-now” and is traveling as he finds a sense of accomplishment by ticking it off his must-visit list; a young chirpy independent girl who has perfectly learnt to hide her sorrow behind her smile and for whom travel is a good way of understanding herself a little more; an old adorable married couple who wants to explore together the maximum while they can. And stranger is the fact that I can relate to each one of them. Some remind me of my loneliness, some of my urge to be independent, some of my romantic self and some of my hunger to live life to the fullest. I wonder how similar we all are… going through similar emotions, sentiments and passion to live life in a best possible way in given conditions. We just need to connect and travel gives me that opportunity.

Thank you all familiar strangers… I’ve learnt many lessons of life through you.


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