Friday, May 16, 2014

Making up your mind for LADAKH

You want to go to Ladakh but have some queries? Read on... 

What is the best time for Ladakh?
June to September is the good time to explore Ladakh. 

Whether to fly to Leh or do a road trip? 

In today’s zipping lifestyle, all it takes is to take a flight to Leh, hire a cab, and visit the exotic locations following the established routes. Now that is not the right way to explore Ladakh...
Take time out from your busy schedules and do it on road enjoying the drive through lush green pine forests; passing through numerous old monastic complexes; witnessing drastic scenery changes from green pines to rocky mountains that change color at every turn… grey, blue, pink, purple, violet… it reflects all shades at some point. 
Its once in a lifetime experience so don't settle for anything less than a road trip just because its difficult to take much time off from your busy schedule. The smooth drives gets difficult and then dangerous on the rocky terrains of high Himalayas, but then every second and all the effort will be worth it!
Weather or not my body will be able to sustain high altitude?
We know mountains are not the same as the plains. Temperature, humidity, oxygen content, air pressure etc, all work in various ways on your body; a body that is not acclimatized to these conditions. A condition that, many a times, hits travelers is AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) also known as Altitude Sickness.
This condition can easily be avoided. The key to avoiding AMS is a gradual ascent that gives your body time to acclimatize. Spend at least one night at an intermediate elevation below 3000 meters. At altitudes above 3000 meters, your sleeping elevation should not increase more than 300-500 meters per night. So be very careful while finalizing your itinerary. 
I personally recommend INDIAN TERRAIN'S Himalayan Vogage – An Ultimate road trip to Ladakh .  I am an asthma patient and I did Ladakh in 2012 without any Altitude Sickness.Thanks to their well planned itinerary. 

Things to avoid: Alcohol, Sleeping pills (acetazolamide is the sleeping tablet of choice at altitude) and Narcotic pain medications in more than modest doses. Respiratory depression (the slowing down of breathing) can be caused by various medications, and may be a problem at altitude. 

Take rest for a day (don't involve in anything that exerts you) after reaching Leh.

More tips like what all to pack, how to make the best of the trip etc. in the next post. Keep reading.

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