Monday, September 22, 2014

Reasons why I visit Pushkar time and again

Here are a few of the things that bring people to Pushkar:
Spirituality - Holy Lake, the only Brahma Temple and many other temples;
The local life - cheerful people dressed in vibrant dresses;
Nature's marvels - mesmerizing sunrise and gorgeous sunset;
Food and shopping - cafes overlooking the lake serving delicious food and the variety of silver jewelry and traditional clothes to shop; 
Music and dance - Bhopa musicians playing Ravanhatha and kalbelia ladies performing dance... 

For me... Its the mystic yet relaxed air of this place that I come here time and again. Pushkar is my favorite getaway during winters if I am not heading to the Himalayas.

Fragrance of Dhoop and incense sticks mixed with fragrance of roses welcomes you here. Walk through the maze of narrow lanes to reach the hotel. Warm simple people will greet you with full heart. After relaxing you can decide on weather you want to spend time by the side of the lake listening to someone playing guitar or you want to hike up to Savitri temple and watch the golden sun dipping down the horizon while some Rajasthani bhopa plays ravanhatha (a traditional musical instrument).

Hema enjoying sunrise at Gayatri Devi temple
Head back to the market and relax on some roof top cafes with wide range of menu. Have local cuisine or try lafa and falafal or some of the best mud oven baked pizzas.

Wake up to the sound of ringing bells. Opening your eyes to this spiritual atmosphere is one thing I love about Pushkar. There is a range of breakfast options to chose from... kachori, kadi pakora, bedmi puri subji or if you want it light go for some awesome bakery product. Whatever you chose end it with rich sugary malpua.

Malpua in making
Life has a very slow pace here. Spend hours just sitting by the side of lake listening to the stories of sadhus or at a juice corner interacting with some backpackers. Walk around the lanes to find best silver jewelry and traditional clothes. You can pick the fabric and a design, give it to the tailor in the same shop and go get some lunch. Have a nap and your dress is ready. Stroll around the colorful bazar to flaunt your new dress, have your favorite cake with a cup of coffee and go to the desert to enjoy a camel ride with some soulful Rajasthan music.

Pushkar is a shopper's paradise
If you have time hire a bike and explore the outskirts of Pushkar. Cheerful locals, ancient temples and the greeny around will surprise you.

Hire a bike to explore surroundings
To reach this mystic land of Pushkar either take an overnight sleeper bus or a Shatabdi till Ajmer and then a bus or a taxi that will take not more than a hr to reach Pushkar. I find it the most easily approachable weekend getaway from Delhi.

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