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Waking up was never so pleasing… the birdsongs, the tinkle of wind chimes, and the warm sun-rays filtering through the huge glass windows adorned with beautiful art curtains; open the curtains and your eyes will land upon the snow covered misty mountain range lit by golden sun rays. The bell rings in a school far away in the valley, the tree pie and cuckoo sing in synchrony, the bumble bee is busy buzzing on beautiful pink flowers... Welcome to Prim Resorts, Ramgarh Valley.  

View from the rooms of the resort
Nestled in the heart of Kumaon Himalayas (village Nathuakhan, Ramgarh) at 6200ft this heritage property oozes with tranquil old world charm and warmth. The beautiful estate has lush fruit orchards, a renovated bunglow and dense oak and pine forest cover.  There are eight aesthetically done cottages, and each room has its own distinct appeal.  The paintings, the little artifacts and the antique wooden pieces add pulse and character to the place. Wines climbing up the old trees, walls and the ceilings give this place a rustic charisma.

The rooms are very well maintained and have a beautiful old world charm. In spite of the seemingly rustic aura, all basic amenities like attached modern bathrooms are taken care of. A wood fire bukhari in every room keeps you warm and cozy the traditional way

Aesthetically done rooms
 The cook conjures up a variety of meals that one would least expect in a place like this. If you are visiting in summers you have the novelty to pick and relish fresh fruits like plum, peaches and apricot off the trees. What makes this place truly unique is the personized service and care from the staff. 

Catch up on your writing
This is a great place for a quiet repose. Lie in a hammock and read a book with breathtaking panoramic views of Himalayas for company, sip tea under sun umbrella overlooking the mountains, write that letter you have always wanted to at a little desk on the garden porch or stroll around the beautiful garden full of fruit trees and colorful flowers.

At any point in all directions is a stunning view of lush green hills that you will not be able to take your eyes off from. And it all comes wrapped in serene silence.

And when all that languor gets too much, ramble through the woods or village hamlets. Thirty minutes and you are in the tranquil courtyard of an isolated medieval temple; an hour and you can be beside a cool, gurgling stream - Sufi River. While you are walking towards this stream, soak in the Kumaoni life. Simple villagers will invite you for a cup of tea. Nathuakhan village is worth wandering through.

If you have some more time in hand visit Mukteshwar. The drive through Sitla Estate takes around 30 min through dense woods of deodar, silver oak, green oak and occasional rhododendrons. Take a forest walk by the side of the temple and check out the 180 degrees snow-covered Mountain View from the PWD bungalow which is famous for being associated with Jim Corbett when he had come to Mukteshwar to kill a maneater. On the way do visit Kilmora Shop for handicrafts and other local produce. 

The place is a paradise for nature lovers

Spend an afternoon basking in the sun and exploring the surroundings. This place is a paradise for nature-lovers and bird-watchers. The bunglow is located in midst of beautiful trees of deodar, Rhododendrons and oak and are frequented by birds like yellow vented bulbul, Asian koel, white crested laughing thrush, spotted dove and many others.

Fireplace makes a perfect setting for an evening drink
Join other people in the lounge for some adda in the evening. With the fireplace going, it makes for a cozy place for an evening drink or a cuddle up with your favorite thriller.

At sunset, bonfire will beckon from the sit-out outside the lounge. Witness the golden evening transforming into dark night. The silent valley, the twinkling stars, the rusty scent of the woods and some light music will touch your soul while fire warms your body.

This place is a perfect blend of chilly, silent air and warm hospitality!

PRIM RESORTS is a Collection of Boutique Resorts in most beautiful offbeat locations. For details and bookings visit their website http://www.primresorts.com/.

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