Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Preparing Yourself for Winter Trekking

1.       The rule of thumb is to be in five layers for a temperature that goes down to -5°C or lower. With every subsequent increase in temperature by 10 degrees (say from -5°C to 5°C), you can strip off one layer. But keep in mind that during the day when the sun is out and you are trekking, it actually gets very warm with the layers of clothes you have on so don’t over-layer yourself and be prepared to peel off layers depending on the heat.
An example of five layer clothing for -5°C would be:
·         1 thermal inner
·         2 T-shirts
·         1 full sweater
·         1 jacket
But you can make your own variations of this. For example, I wear one sweater with a fleece jacket and then add a windcheater jacket over it. It keeps me warm for any situation.

2.       The choice of SHOES is very important. You need a shoe that protects you from the elements and gives you grip on snow. It’s always good to have water proof shoes if you are trekking on snow.

3.       For your legs, one thermal inner with a track pant is usually enough. Keep an extra track pant handy for an additional layer or in case it gets wet in snow.

4.       Your head, fingers, toes, ears and nose need extra protection. To make sure they stay warm and dry do carry the following:
·         Woolen cap
·         Water proof gloves
·         Woolen socks
·         Scarf - It is something that can protect your neck and nose or work as an extra glove. This multi-utility gear is a must for a winter trek.
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