Monday, February 22, 2016

A Day With Gaddi Family In Himachal

I was working on an assignment when I came across this lovely family in a remote village of Himachal in Kangra Distt. I was already impressed by the hospitality of simple people from the hills. I was staying at a homestay in Palampur with a lovely couple.

While I was roaming around in a village near Bundla, I was approached by this lovely young lady who was curious to know what am I doing in their village with a big camera and what on the earth will I do with the pictures I was clicking. As I told her I am here to cover the traditional lifestyle of Gaddis (tribe of Himachal) she readily invited me to her place. Excitedly she took out an old steel trunk that had their tradional attire 'Chola and Dora' that ussually they wear in marriages. She wanted to wear it and get clicked and I readily agreed "Andha kya chahe do aankhen" ;)

My young gaddi friend Lali getting ready to be clicked 

While we were busy doing all this shoot, her mother-in-law was busy taking care of house totaly indifferent to the uninvited guests of her daughter-in-law. After some time the man of the house arrived with fodder for their cattle who are no less than family members.

Shy but welcoming mom-in-law busy in household chores
Father-in-law getting fodder for the cattle
After settling in, the gentleman invited me in to have lunch with the family. I was glad to see the man serving lunch himself.

Serving me lunch they might have prepared for themselves
It was all cooked on mud stove called Chulha and tasted delicious. The family members opened up more on lunch in their traditional kitchen. Post lunch they keenly showed me all their precious traditional possessions like Charkha, Hukka and some old pictures.
The marriage picture of my new friend Lali 

Charkha that they still use 
After this photo session we were joined by their neighbor and we all basked in the angan chatting and laughing. It's during this conversation that I got to know Lali's husband is in army and her son is getting treated for some deformity in his leg.

Post lunch chatting session
I salute the spirit of the family who seemed so happy and contended inspite of all the odds they are facing.

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