Saturday, February 6, 2016


Goodbye Dear Sun 

I wonder from where you come and to where you go
as I sit on a cliff of a mountain high.
I watch you slowly dip down the horizon
spreading your golden glow over the valley.

For a few beautiful moments of parting,
the sky becomes your canvas
and in harmony with clouds
you paint it colorful.

You pour out your brilliant hot oranges and reds
on the sky and the clouds
ablazing the blue sky with molten lava.
And then slowly the hot red melts into the cool blue
making it purple, grey and then black
Turning a beautiful day into a silent night.

In the meanwhile...
Your golden light embraces us all
and your warm glow kisses our day's weariness away.
As you depart and bid us goodbye
with a promise to come back
I close my eyes dreaming of another beautiful day!

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