Monday, July 18, 2016

My Life as a Travel Consultant

Yesterday I visited one of a distant relatives and was asked what do I do for my living. I have a travel group and I plan trips, I replied. Ahhh... so you are a travel agent? Errr....
This got me thinking.

This distinctive career that I have built for myself doesn't have a term yet but I like to call myself a travel expert/ planner or a consultant. Anyway, this post is about my life as a travel....... whatever you may want to call it.

What do I do?

I live to travel and I travel for living!

Travel is what makes me come alive, so I have made traveling my living.
I use my travel experience and expertise to help people realize their travel dreams. I plan, customize and organize trips for people. Be it a group of friends, family, corporate group or a solo person who want to explore with like-minded people, I work with them to help them realize their travel dreams. 

What do I like about what I do?

I love hearing people talk about their travel dreams.

I love traveling with familiar strangers as I call the people I travel with and I love to see the smile on their face when they come back from memorable trips.
And I love it when they thank me for making it happen for them

I love being a trendsetter and being talked about. I have co-founded 2 travel groups ChaloLetsGo and INDIAN TERRAINS. And I love to see my babies grow.
I love the challenges of this unusual journey that I am on. I hate boring routines so nothing can be better than this for me. Different people, different destinations and different challenges everyday!

Spreading smiles through travel

How does my year look like?

Exciting and full of travel!

Typically I travel almost 200 days a year to more than 15 different destinations with more than 300 different people and I just love it. I get to know so many new people, I get to travel to so many unique destinations and I get to know so many inspirational life stories.

The days I do not travel I write about my travel adventures, about the people I meet on my journeys and about life in general. And I get an extra kick when my writings get published.

Writing is my second love, traveling being the first

How much do I earn doing this?

To be honest I do not earn as much as I would have being in the corporate job I was in. But yes I earn a decent amount that takes care of my day to day expenses, I am a person with limited needs so I don't need a lakh a month to live. I just need enough to keep me going and I do earn that through travel. And money can never give me an extra kick and satisfaction I get from traveling with people. So it's all about priorities in life.

Are you also doing something unique? Would love to hear your story. Have some queries regarding what I do? Would love to answer. 

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