Thursday, December 12, 2019

2019 - Laying Foundation for Future

Some of my Experimental Looks of 2019
Every year has a different feel, a different pattern to it. Some years are full of opportunities and growth while some are slow; some are full of travel while some are dull; some bring lots of joy while some bring sadness. But one good thing is with every passing year we grow a little.

I always say take journey not just outside but inside as well... this year was more of taking the journey inside. Tried to understand myself better so as to improve my behavior, my relationships and my life in general. At professional front got things systematic and met some people who might influence my professional growth in big way.

I see this year as laying foundation for a better tomorrow - both personally and professionally.


Developing Terrace Garden

Revisiting my forgotten hobby - Painting

Trying Switchboard Art

Learning to Play Guitar
Contributing to the society - Sehat Ki Shala at Sinkiya Village

Travelling with Family and Friends

Getting Appreciated For My Work

Creating My New Workspace

Receiving National Business Leadership Award

Catching up With Old Friends

Getting Published in Bengali Magazine for the first

Always around Dec I get a feeling nothing much happened this year but when I start recalling, I end up saying hell of a year it was!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Aahana - The Perfect Retreat Just 5 hrs From Delhi

The days were going very hectic when I got an invite for the experiential stay at Aahana. It is a good opportunity to take a break from my hectic schedule, I thought, and decided to head to one of the finest Luxury Eco-resorts in Corbett. And, no surprise, I had the most calm and dreamy time of my life!


Spread over a sprawling 11 acres amidst the wild environs of Corbett Tiger Reserve, it is a perfect place to unwind. The morning walks, simple yet delicious meal served with lots of love and care, the cozy afternoon siesta, the evenings spent by the pool side listening to mild tunes on guitar and the mesmerizing star studded nights - all of this made my stay perfect!

The cool seating arrangement by the pool 

The property overlooks the Bijrani forest and is ideal for bird watching. More than 173 bird species frequent the property.  Just sitting in my balcony I could see more than 15 varieties of birds. 

Morning walk in the campus breathing fresh air laden with lemony scent of citronella, listening to sweet bird songs and cherishing the variety of tree plantations with more than 200 species, I was refreshed to the core. 

 A Well Planned Walking Pathway in the Midst of Nature 


Being a responsible traveler, I was thrilled to know it's an ecologically responsible resort. And its not just a claim I saw many such initiatives in the property:

 - The water conservation and waste management system. 
The water treatment plant here is one of the biggest of its kind in Asia. The plant effectively recycles waste water and is used for gardening etc. The pathways have been constructed in such a way that it allows rainwater to seep in and thus maintaining the underground water table. 

The Water Treatment Plant - Biggest of its kind in Asia 

- The Waste Management System
All the biodegradable waste generated within the property is decomposed and utilized as manure for gardens and organic farming. 
The non-biodegradable waste is collected, segregated and sent for recycling, maintaining the ecological balance within the resort. I was highly impressed to see the way my breakfast for the journey was packed in paper bags are made of used newspapers and biodegradable plates made of Areca Nut Palm leaf.

- The Organic Garden
There are gardens that grow organic vegetables, spices and medicinal plants and herbs as well that are used for treatments and therapies in the spa
It was interesting to see how the cow urine mixed with neem leaves is used as pesticide for the plantations. 


Last but not the least, the comfortable well equipped rooms with every minute detail taken into consideration. Like umbrellas in the room, a disposable bag in the bathroom and the usual - robes, slippers, locker and other required accessories.

Comfortable Room Opening Up to The Forest

Another highlight of the stay was simple delicious food cooked from fresh seasonal vegetables locally sourced or grown in in-house organic kitchen garden. Got the taste of local flavors in their Kumaoni cuisine. 

The Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Its good to know that the resort support locals. Out of 105 staff members, 90% are locals. And all of them extremely hospitable. 

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Living in Harmony with Nature

Recently I was on a trip to village Sunkiya near Mukteshwar. While roaming around in the village, the heaps of Oak leaves mixed in cow dung made me curious. It looked like something I have never seen before. Can you guess looking at the picture below what this might be and what is being done here?

Its the organic manure in making. Vermi-composting of leaf litter mixed with cow dung and other waste.  

So here goes the process - 

The oak leaves and bark are collected from all over the forest during autumn (April - May).

These are then used as bed for the cattle. 
The leaves/ bark etc mixed with cow dung and urine are then collected and stored. 

It takes a few months for it to convert into organic manure. Litter of the Oak tree leaves is composted and then converted into vermicast by the action of earthworms. This manure is the basis for soil fertility and the renewal of degraded soils year after year.

Yes, it’s so simple yet so alien to city people. We keep talking about organic food, but do not really know what it means. The food grown using natural fertilizers. And here's this natural fertilizer in making.  These simple village people do it so naturally, without even knowing the importance of it. 

It’s amazing to see how the villagers live in harmony with nature. Nature provides them with all they need and inturn they have taken the responsibility of conserving the surrounding forest. They do not let anyone cut the trees and new trees are planted every year.

May this relationship between villages and forests keep flourishing in times to come. 
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Homestays – A Perfect Option for Long-term Stays

An old couple enjoying their last inning in a cozy home watching birds and butterflies on the hills without actually spending their life savings in building a house there; a research scholar coming back to a caring family after a hectic day’s work; a developer writing codes while sitting in a balcony with a view of snow covered Himalayas and a writer getting her/ his creativity boosted while watching sunset on a hill. All thanks to the concept of homestays where you can live with a family in their homes. 

Why are Homestays a good option for long staying guests?

  1. Stay under the safety and care of a family.
  2. Be easy on your tummy and relish homemade local delicacies.
  3. Enjoy respect of the neighborhood for being a locals’s guest.
  4. Be a part of local festivals during your stay.
  5. No disturbance of loud tourists unlike in hotels.
  6. You might as well be able to negotiate a good deal for long stay from the owner.

Students who have to live in foreign city or country can be sure of their safety at homestays. When they return to their stay after a hectic day, there will be someone to ask them tea and snacks. They will get home-cooked meals on time. So rather than staying in a hostel or a rented room, homestay is a better option for the students.

In the world where everything is digital, working remotely is trending. You no more need to be in confines of your office to earn. Today when connectivity is nearly universal, you can easily chose where your current month’s office will be. And homestays are the best option for digital nomads as well.

For retired people, building a home in the location of their choice, hills or near beach may be, can mean using up all their life savings. Staying in a homestay for long-term is a good option. They can spend every summer in different location. Not just that staying with a family will make sure they have someone to take care in case of any emergency.

Check out top 10 homestays in India ideal for long-term stay in summers without making a hole in your pocket. They will cost you anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 a month for a person, depending on your month of visit, location, duration etc. Click on the title for details of the homestay.


Centrally located in the city of Shillong, this beautiful old colonial house is deal for students and researchers. The host will never let you feel home-sick, with her love and care.


This 100year old traditional mud-and-stone house and organic farm exotically located in a small village of Uttarakhand will give you ample opportunities to learn organic farming and live in harmony with nature. 


Not very far from the capital city Delhi, live in a peaceful village environment with tradional joint family and enjoy home cooked pahari meals. 

How would it be to live with locals in Old Manali? Enjoy the comfort and care of a home while getting all the facilities of a hill town. 

It is a beautiful home nestled in pine forest in the shadow of Dhauladhars. You can expect a super comfortable stay with soft spoken hospitable Himachali couple. 


Live with hospitable farmer family of Uttarakhand in this cozy little home surrounded by Oak and rhododendron forest. If you plan to spend your summers here, enjoy crunchy fresh fruits that you have plucked yourself. The highlight of the stay here is delicious food made from farm fresh vegetable 


Home to a cheerful and knowledgeable local person, you can spend your days relaxing here in the lap of nature and living simple life enjoying organic traditional Sikkimese meals.

This can be you home in the outskirts of Munnar. Positioned strategically on the top of a mountain, the homestay is a nest-in-the-woods kind of experience, ideal for those who want to escape the city crowd and live amidst nature. 

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to Best Spend 5 Days in Kolkata and Around

Unending addas with countless cups of tea, a nice spread of multi-course meal, variety of sweets, Victoria Memorial, Maidan, Howrah, yellow black taxi, tram... these are a few things that come to mind when we think of Kolkata. Yes these are the highlights along with a lot more that this city offers. Jotting down a plan that will help you explore the city if you have a few days and want to get the essence of place. I feel experiencing Kolkata will be incomplete without a visit to Shantiniketan. So I have kept 2 days for that. Plan in such a way that you get 1 day in Shanti niketan on a Saturday. Shonbarer haat is something that I highly recommend.

DAY 1: Plan the first half of the day getting to know the surroundings. It will be fun talking to people around, having tea on road side stalls or just talking a walk to get the feel of the place. Go to Princep ghat post lunch. Located along the banks of the Hooghly, the ghat is surrounded by greenery and overlooks the Vidyasagar Setu. This is a place that distinctly depicts the city. Cool breeze, view of the Howard Bridge and the tranquil boat ride will make your evening.
You could take a drive on red road past Eden gardens and all India ride and go to Park Street for a late dinner.

DAY 2: Spend the day around Chowringhee, the swankiest promenade in town, lined with colonial-era buildings including the Indian Museum, the Chowringhee Mansions and the Asiatic Society, as well as markets, shops, movie theaters and restaurants.  You can take local bus/ tram ride as well.

 If you're interested in theater the academy of fine arts and Kala mandir you can check the schedule and attend a show. Or you can just go to Nandan and gorge on the fish fries and coffee. Your Kolkata visit will be incomplete without shopping at New Market.

DAY 3: Start your day at the MaidanKolkata's 400-hectare green lung, which boasts a race course, countless social and sports clubs, a cricket venue, several football stadia and the Victoria Memorial, a grand marble monument to imperial ambition completed in 1921 which now serves as a museum displaying Raj-era paintings and an excellent permanent exhibition on Kolkata.
Then visit Kalighat Kali Temple, Dakshineswar Kali Temple and Belur Math. You may also visit Nirmal Hriday, formerly Mother Teresa's Kalighat Home for the Dying.

DAY 4: Drive on highway through beautiful countryside to reach Shanti Niketan. Lunch on the way. Get fresh and visit Sonajhuri forest and Kopai River. Take a rikshaw ride to feel the cool breeze from green fields on your face and appreciate the unadulterated greenery around you.

Visit Shonbarer haat at Khoai that is a platform for local artisans to showcase their art works. The usual items include ethnic jewelry, showpieces, local artworks, garments and even local ethnic Bengali dishes like pithey and payesh. The Haat starts to gather from around 03:00 pm and ends at around 06:00 pm. End your day listening to the Baul singing to you a song on life.

DAY 5: The early mornings are really nice for village walks along the tribal villages and the Khoai region.  Spend the day roaming around Vishwa Bharti campus. Visit Uttarayan Complex to see the five houses of Tagore’s family set in beautiful olden days’ architecture styled and designed by him, the Rabindra Bhawan Meuseum and Upasana Griha.
Have a  relaxed evening looking at the dipping sun at Sonajhuri
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Snow Destinations Near Delhi

Imagine enjoying star gazing on a chilled night and chatting around bonfire. And the next morning when you wake up the whole valley is covered in white sheet of snow as if some fairy has waived her magic wand at night and magic dust in the form of light fluffy snowflakes is still floating in the air. It's not a very difficult-to-achieve dream. There are many places around Delhi where you can experience snow. 

And staying with a local in a homestay will further enhance your experience. You can use their knowledge about the place to have an offbeat experience.


Mukteshwar is a quaint little hill town in Nainital district just 8 hrs drive from Delhi. Kathgodam is the nearest railway station from where you can hire a cab. It is just 2 hrs drive from there.
Crisp mountain air laden with the fragrance of oak and pines and stunning views of snow clad Himalayas will welcome you to this sleepy hamlet. 

Spend quiet holidays with your family at a secluded homestay located in oak forest where you can enjoy fresh organic meals and mesmerizing sunset views. 
While staying at this little paradise you can do day trips to Bhimtal (37 km), Naukuchiatal (41 km), Sattal (41 km), Nainital (47 km) and Almora (52 km)


Naddi is a small village in kangra valley, Himachal just 4 kms from McLeodganj. 
The best way to reach Naddi is overnight bus from Delhi to Mcleodganj. Start your journey with traffic and noise of the city and wake up in a quiet paradise.With amazing views of Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the stunningly beautiful kanga valley on the other, Naddi is a perfect place to spend a few days in the lap of Himlayas.

Stay with a local family who can guide you with some amazing nature trails. Enjoy your morning tea with spectacular view of snowcapped Dhauladhar range and a mesmerizing sunset with a bowl of hot maggi or pakoras.
While staying here you can plan excursions to Mcleodganj (4km) • Dharamshala (13km) • Palampur (42km) • Bir-Billing (75km)


Rangri, a small village just 13kms from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is perfect to experience the winter snow charm of Manali while staying away from the crowds. Take an overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Manali. Post the snowy season in Manali, the snow-filled peaks and valleys are perfect for outdoor activities. With the slopes covered in snow, you can indulge in snow sports like skiing and sled in day and cozy around bonfire at night.

Stay at a traditionally built cottage style home far away from noise and crowd.
Plan to visit Rohtang, Gulaba, Solang Valley and Bijli Mahadev during your visit to Rangri.


And if you want to snow trek, you will love Ukhimath. It is 455 kms from Delhi. You can break the journey at Rishikesh if required. Below is the trail to follow:
Delhi -Haridwar – Rishikesh – Devprayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Agastyamuni - Kund – Ukhimath. Ukhimath is base for treks to Madhmaheshwar, Tungnath, Deoria Tal and many other picturesque places. All these treks are full of snow between November and March.

Stay at a 60 yrs old pahadi village home nestled in dense forests of Oak and, Rhododendron.
Below are the places you can visit from Ukhimath:
Vishwanath Temple Guptkashi (15 km) • Kalimath (15 km) • Deoriya Tal (15km) • Chopta (17km) • Tungnath (23km) • Chandrasila (24.5 km) • Rakeshawri Temple (Chandramaa) (30 km) • Madhymaheswer Temple (45 km) • Triyuginarayan (Wedding place of Shiva and Parvati) (52 km) • Kedarnath (60 km)


If you have more time and want to go on a longer vacation Kalpa is perfect place. 565 kms from Delhi, Kalpa is a small town in the Sutlej river valley in Kinnaur district of Himachal. It is located in the shadow of mighty Kinner Kailash. There is no rail or air connectivity to Kalpa. The only option to reach there is either by the public buses to Rekong peo which is 5 kms from Kalpa or the private vehicles on the below trail from Delhi. 
Delhi - Shimla – Rampur – Karchham- Recong Peo – Kalpa.
Take a night halt somewhere around Shimla.  Chitkul and Sangla can also be clubbed in the same tour if roads to Chitkul are open.

The village has an exquisite scenic beauty. Enjoy the magnificent view of snow covered mountains while having tea in the garden of your homestay. Witnessing the sun rising over the Kinner Kailash ranges and the changing colors of the peak while sun sets.  There is a possibility of snowfall at Kalpa till March.

*Pictures are sourced from the homestay owners
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