Thursday, December 12, 2019

2019 - Laying Foundation for Future

Some of my Experimental Looks of 2019
Every year has a different feel, a different pattern to it. Some years are full of opportunities and growth while some are slow; some are full of travel while some are dull; some bring lots of joy while some bring sadness. But one good thing is with every passing year we grow a little.

I always say take journey not just outside but inside as well... this year was more of taking the journey inside. Tried to understand myself better so as to improve my behavior, my relationships and my life in general. At professional front got things systematic and met some people who might influence my professional growth in big way.

I see this year as laying foundation for a better tomorrow - both personally and professionally.


Developing Terrace Garden

Revisiting my forgotten hobby - Painting

Trying Switchboard Art

Learning to Play Guitar
Contributing to the society - Sehat Ki Shala at Sinkiya Village

Travelling with Family and Friends

Getting Appreciated For My Work

Creating My New Workspace

Receiving National Business Leadership Award

Catching up With Old Friends

Getting Published in Bengali Magazine for the first

Always around Dec I get a feeling nothing much happened this year but when I start recalling, I end up saying hell of a year it was!

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