Thursday, April 23, 2020

How to cope with WFH

Are you one of those to whom WFH sounded easy and fun in the beginning but now it's taking a toll on you? Don't worry you are not the only one. There are many like us. And with no house help these days, most of us have to handle both house work and office work. So we need more time. And it's getting difficult.

Below are a few tips on how I managed it:
  1. While we are inclined to sleep late and get up late. Self discipline is the key. Watching a movie till late night thinking you don't have to get up for office tomorrow can spoil the next whole day. Getting up on time is a best start you can give to your day.
  2. Have a fixed schedule for every day. Make a timetable like we used to in childhood and follow that religiously. Changing it everyday will create more chaos.
  3. Write the tasks you want to complete in the day in a diary (not on mind). Keep ticking them off the list as you complete them. This gives a different kind of high. And you will be able to manage time more efficiently when you know how much more is there to do for the day.  It is important step to be productive. 
  4. Do not overburden yourself. Give yourself proper breaks. Do not work late hours. Close the day as per your timetable. You are home doesn't mean you can do late nights. Your mind and body need proper rest. 
  5. You are with your family and they might need your attention at times. Don't worry about that. We are not that bad in time management after all ;)  
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