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A Simple Mountain Girl who loves to travel!

Once caught in the corporate web working for companies like Google and McKinsey for over a decade I finally managed to break the shackles and follow my heart. 

Travel is what makes me come alive. In past few years I have been to remotest of the villages in India and lived with simple villagers, sailed on camel's back to the interiors of the Thar desert and spent nights in the open desert, went deep into the dense forests and experienced wild at its natural best, trekked up to high hills to get amazing views from up there, walked the streets of the cities of India to understand life.
I have spent time with people from various tribes that include Mishing tribe of Majuli in Assam, Santal in Odisha, Tharu tribe near Dudhwa Tiger reserve, Gaddis of Himachal, Kalbelias in Pushkar Rajasthan, khasis in Meghalaya and many others.

The vastness, varied culture, geography and history of incredible INDIA has always intrigued me. There are many hidden treasures all around waiting to be found and written about. I am glad my passion for travel and writing takes me to these remote corners of India.
I travel around 200 days of the year either alone or with familiar strangers - people who share the same passion - travel, writing and photography. 

I aim to make this world a better place by educating and helping people travel responsibly and keep this world a beautiful place for the coming generations to cherish.

For the same cause I co-founded HomeStays Of Indiathe platform dedicated to connect the travellers to homestays in remote areas of India. I work with local people to help them augment their village life through sustained low impact eco-tourism.  

And when I am not traveling this is what I do:

Writing: I write for various travel publications that includes HappyTrips - Time of India travel initiativeTerrascape, Discover IndiaNational Geographic Traveller, Women's Era and Alive. My work has also been published in The Hindu, Times of Oman. I have also worked for Good Earth Publications, the Travel guide books of  Eicher group. 
Blogging: I have been blogging in the travel space since 2007 and my blog, Flight of a little bird has won several accolades. I have a reach of over 15,000 monthly visitors to my blog and sites.

Trip Planning: You have a travel idea and probably don't know how to make it happen.  I can help you plan a customized tour itinerary based on your interests. Just call me @9999731115 and discuss your travel idea and let me craft a customized travel plan that fits your need. Think of me like having a well-traveled friend who's been there, done that, and loves helping you discover amazing travel experiences. I strongly believe in traveling responsibly and therefore use eco-friendly homestays on the trips I plan.

With a reach of over 15,000 monthly visitors to my blog and websites and a travel community of over 8,000 fans, followers and friends on Facebook and Indtagram, I hope to inspire people to follow their travel dreams and explore this beautiful world responsibly. The majority of my reach is within the travel space in India, followed by the US, parts of Europe and South Asia.

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