Romance with Life

Below are some of my creations in form of paintings and poems...

Don't know what was on my mind when I sketched this... It was a mixed kind of feeling... as if heart is in search of something. After completing it all I see is an emotion that can only be felt...!

Ye hum hain ya bonden paani ki...
Ye tum ho ya baarish me khilkhilati dhoop
Ye jazbaat hain hamare ya raang indra-dhanush ke!

MAN - Symbol of strength and power (SUN); 
WOMAN - Symbol of emotions, forgiveness, and growth (WATER). 
And when they come together (sun-rays and water-drops) rainbow is created...
A Life is created that's full of colors!


Celebrating Womenhood

One fine day I felt like painting the woman in me and this is what came out. Its dedicated to all the beautiful women I know and all those men who truly try to understand their lady.


Romance with Nature

O dear take me to the land of dreams...
Where fresh rays of morning sun
bring with them the hope for a new day
and fragrant red roses
remind us of selfless love

Where dew drop on green grass
soothes feet with its sweet kiss
and cool breeze from the river
silently whispers a love message

Where lovers sit for hours holding hands
watching surreal sunsets 
and changing colors of the sky
bids adieu to a wonderful day

Where moon lit beautiful night
brings with it lovely dreams
and song of nightingale 
ushers you to the world of dreams 

O dear just take me there
where there are no worries
and no hurries

That's the land of dreams I dream of!



As moisture laden black clouds embrace the sky
changing playful bright day into romantic evening...
 Deep look into his bright eyes
fills her heart with passionate love; 

As thunder bolt announces the arrival of the storm
and lightning illuminates the mystic sky...
Her heavy breath and pounding heart
pronounces the turmoil inside;

As drops of rain kiss the heated earth
and every particle of universe rejoice...
Her thirsty soul gets soaked in his love
and every part of her body dance;

As sweet scent of soaked soil
 fills the atmosphere outside...
Mesmerizing fragrance of sweat
 fills the ambiance inside;

As earth changes
 from dusty dull to crystal clear...
Her body glows  
and blood rushes through her veins; 

Womb of mother earth has conceived...
the seeds of life!



They say-
Let it be unknown that's anonymous

I resist-
You will not find lands unknown
If you don't explore for the fear of getting lost.
And neither will you be able to find shells 
if you don't dive deep for the fear of drowning.

You will not find yourself 
if you don't come out of your shell for the fear of embarrassing yourself.
And neither will you find your love 
if you don't express your feelings for the fear of rejection.

And how will you experience that wonderful feeling
if you don't let yourself be for the fear of being judged.

This is the land unknown - "Dreamland"
where you will find true happiness
Go explore the world
Find unknown outside and within.



I traveled the same old road everyday
One strange day I felt the tremor in the air
Sky seemed to kiss my forehead
I forgot to follow the familiar path

Magical call is there from the land unknown
I have to go, I have to explore.

Thorny bushes might scratch my skin
The pebbles on the road might hurt my bare feet
But I have to walk this strange road, I don't know why.

The little prince greeted me and walked by my side
Song of chirping birds filled the music in the air
Fragrance of fully blossomed roses captivated me
I need to get enough of it
I have to stay, I have to stay

Touch of roses soothes my skin
Cold water relieves my bare feet
The magic of this land makes me forget all my woes

I am walking this road I know why!

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